Thousands of Germans Sick of Corona Despite Vaccinations

Thousands of Germans Sick of Corona Despite Vaccinations

In Germany, almost 4000 people have still suffered from symptoms after being fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. That calculated health institute RKI, which emphasizes that vaccines are very effective.


The vast majority of corona patients had not been vaccinated in recent months.

The RKI, the German counterpart of the Dutch RIVM, has so far registered 3806 cases of ‘vaccine breakthroughs’. People would then still have complaints due to a corona infection at least two weeks after being fully vaccinated. This is a fraction of the approximately 975,000 cases of illness reported in the same period.

In Germany, with a population of approximately 83 million, about 25 million people had been fully vaccinated on July 4. However, the rate at which people are vaccinated continues to decline. Last week, there was an average of 710,000 injections per day. The week before, that average was over 800,000, which decreased compared to the previous period.

Meanwhile, concerns are growing about the spread of the highly contagious Delta strain. In the week ending June 27, this accounted for 59 percent of the confirmed infections, almost doubling compared to a week earlier. The RKI suspects that there is now an infection with that mutant in two-thirds of the new corona cases, which was first found in India.

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