Tighter Corona Measures on the Way in Germany

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The German government wants to tighten the existing corona restrictions. The German news agency DPA reports that Chancellor Angela Merkel will present these stricter measures to the prime ministers of the federal states on Monday.


Children and youth should be encouraged to meet with only one steady friend. Meeting at home with friends and acquaintances is limited to one permanent household.

According to the federal government, meetings in public are now only allowed with members of their own household and a maximum of two people from another household.

Private parties are generally out of the question until Christmas. Since 2 November they are now limited to members of their own household and of another household with a maximum of ten people.

In the future, Germans must immediately quarantine any cold symptoms, especially coughing and runny nose. In schools, the wearing of masks is mandatory for students of all ages and for teachers and during lessons.

Risk groups, such as the elderly and the sick, can get medical mouth masks (FFP2 masks) at a substantial discount from December.

Chancellor Merkel and the prime ministers will hold a meeting on Monday, two weeks after the partial lockdown for November took effect. Merkel had already prepared the Germans on Saturday for further difficult months.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported 16,947 new corona infections in Germany within 24 hours on Sunday. The days before, record numbers of new infections were registered.

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