Georgia Under Pressure to Invalidate Votes

Georgia Under Pressure to Invalidate Votes

Brad Raffensperger, Georgia Secretary of the Interior, says his Republican party members are increasingly pressuring him to question the integrity of the recent presidential election, The Washington Post reports.


The minister, who is also the most ultimately responsible for the elections in Georgia, says Senator Lindsey Graham has asked him about ways to invalidate postal votes.

Graham, who chairs the Senate Legal Affairs Committee, asked Raffensperger, among other things, whether bias might have induced polling station officials to accept ballot papers with incorrect signatures.

Raffensperger also says that Graham asked him whether he has the authority to declare all postal votes invalid in districts with a relatively high percentage of deviant signatures.

Raffensperger says he was astonished by Graham’s suggestion to look for ways to invalidate legally cast votes without going through the courts. “It seemed that he wanted to do that,” said the minister.

The southern state of Georgia, which usually votes staunchly for the Republicans, went to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the eventual winner in recent elections.

In several states where Biden has won, Republicans are trying to substantiate President Donald Trump’s baseless allegations of electoral fraud, hoping to change the outcome.

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