5 Frequently Asked Questions Every Laguiole Knife Buyer Must Ask

5 Frequently Asked Questions Every Laguiole Knife Buyer Must Ask

What compelled you to buy a Laguiole knife?

Well, there isn’t a single reason for everyone. Instead, countless reasons contribute to your willingness, and hence anyone across the globe can acknowledge how renowned these¬†Laguiole knives¬†are nowadays. However, it just started in the 19th century by the local shepherds of France. Today, it has become a masterpiece that everyone wants’ to own.

And with this booming popularity, people have started ordering these knives from across the globe. However, before making an order, you must ask yourself some questions and check out their answers to conclude the perfect masterpiece for your pocket. So, below listed are the five most crucial questions that you must ask yourself.

Can you distinguish a counterfeit knife easily?

The increasing demand for Laguiole knives has introduced countless unauthorized manufacturers that make replica products and sell them for profit. However, genuine knives always have something unique from a fake knife. You must know these factors that a real knife encompasses. Low price, mass-produced knives, serration, and heavy handle material are common factors that can help you distinguish a genuine knife.

Is certification required with every Laguiole knife?

Yes, every real knife comes with a certificate of authenticity. The certificate gives you complete information associated with its manufacturer, address, pin code, and phone number. The most exciting factor about the Laguiole knife is that every piece is made by a single craftsman that makes it a masterpiece for the owner. So, if you are buying a knife, ensure you are getting a valid certificate with it.

How to choose the best Laguiole knife?

Now, shortlisting the right knife isn’t an easy task. Hence you must keep the points mentioned above in mind. Furthermore, “Made in France” is a standard tag that will let you know the origin of Laguiole knives. Everyone must remember that these knives are manufactured initially in France only. No other country (except France) makes genuine knives. Another factor that fools the buyer is “Laguiole” engraved on the blade. Such text engraved on the knife doesn’t make it real. Instead, it’s the certificate that is provided with every masterpiece.

What’s the ideal knife size for you?

Laguiole knife comes in different sizes; hence it’s tough to find the best fit for your pocket. Laguiole knife is made available in XS with 17cm size, LE Pocket with 18.5 sizes, and Nature with 22cm size. You can choose the perfect fit item based on your personal needs and likings. The most crucial factor is how comfortable you are to hold the knife. Comfortability and smoothness are the two primary factors that you must consider when selecting the right knife size.

How to maintain your knife for long?

Nowadays, numerous sharpening kits are available in the market, making it easy and convenient to retain the sharpness and keep it long-lasting. However, if you are a newbie, prefer hiring a professional to sharpen your knife. Also, remember to keep it away from the children, like keeping it away from water and avoid washing it in a dishwasher.

So, research well before buying the right Laguiole knife for your pocket.

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