Tips to Recognize A Counterfeit Laguiole knife

Tips to Recognize A Counterfeit Laguiole knife

How many of you are lovers of Laguiole knife?

But before buying a Laguiole, people have countless queries in their mind; some of them are:

  • How to identify a genuine Laguiole knife?
  • Is Laguiole a brand or just a name?
  • Are they available across the globe?

And many more…

The most important question among all is about its quality and genuine Laguiole knives as many counterfeit products are being sold in the market. Before knowing about the traits of real knives, let’s dive into its glorious history.

Laguiole is a small village in the heart of the Aubrac region in Southern France. Since the 19th century, they have been making pocket knives and table knives for personal needs. Thiers is another place nearby Laguiole, which is famous as the knives capital of France. At present, Fontenille Pataud and Laguiole en Aubrac are the two big names that produce top-quality knives for the buyers.

The biggest misbelieve above Laguiole is that many people still consider it as a brand. Instead, it is a generic name to symbolize its place of origin. However, an essential factor here is, Laguiole isn’t any protected name. So, anyone can use it with their knives. Unprotected name is the primary cause of the uncontrolled manufacturing of counterfeit Laguiole knives that make it a big problem for Laguiole lovers.

Now, coming to the root question, i.e., how you can recognize a counterfeit Laguiole knife when there are numerous options available in the market. Many fake manufacturers use the name Laguiole and sell knives to make a profit. Hence, it’s a bit tricky to ensure you are getting the genuine and handcrafted knife right from its place of origin.

Without respecting the history and heritage of Laguiole knives, people are using this unprotected brand name to make a profit and sell counterfeit knives in the market. So, how can you distinguish a fake and counterfeit knife?

Below are three ways to do so:


The Laguiole knife never has a cartel on it. If you find any cartel, it’s probably a fake product. A traditional and genuine Laguiole knife has something to do with the serration cut on it.


A common tactic to find a genuine Laguiole knife is its price. Real Laguiole knives are never mass-produced, and hence they aren’t available with a cheap price tag. Moreover, it is entirely handcrafted that takes time. Hence the Laguiole knife is always made in limited stock.

Handle Material:

Laguiole knife is always made with a heft material. Pistachio wood, buffalo horn, juniper wood, or olive wood are commonly used to give a smooth and traditional handle to the knife. Remember, a real Laguiole knife would never have plastic on its grip.

So, next time if you ever found any knife with Laguiole engraved on it, don’t forget to acknowledge the points mentioned above and purchase a perfect handcrafted knife for your purpose. Moreover, always research well before paying for a knife.

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