Top 5 Highly Paid Jobs In Australia

Top 5 Highly Paid Jobs In Australia

So have you always been thinking, how to get a good salary or which jobs pay you the highest amounts, like more than $60 an hour? Well if this is what ‘s going on in your mind then you are in luck as we have assembled top five highly paid jobs in Australia, these positions have the highest pay per hour.

1. Anesthetists $125
Anaesthetist is professional medical doctors who deal in pain management, they normally deal with emergency situations as well as are a part of surgical teams.

2. Internal Medicine Specialist $90
An internal medicine specialist is like a basic doctor, and their primary objective is to treat the patients in a clinic-based setting and also have rounded on patients around the hospital. Internists are basically doctors who cover over all medicine and complete body fitness; they treat chronic conditions and prevent diseases. An internal medicine specialist treats grown-ups, children and even people in their old age.

3. Mining Engineers $70
The job of a mining engineer is sure a tough job and is also among the third highest paying per hour jobs in Australia. The job of a mining engineer is to develop safe and efficient methods of mining underground. The role requires a person to have full knowledge of the surrounding environment, management skills and technical knowledge. Normally mining engineers get paid $70 or more per hour.

4. Geologists $60
Geologists play a key role in the environment their job is to extract minerals, groundwater and petroleum along with managing the environment. The normal per hour pay of a geologist is $60- or more.

5. Lawyers $80
Lawyers are ones who specialize in advocacy and exemplify organisations and individuals in court. They are individual bodies who advise their clients on legal cases. Normally they are hired by people to represent their case in the court or for legal advice. A lawyer is paid $80 or more per hour in Australia.


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