Revived Outdoors Founder “Tristan Hamm” Continues to Ignite A New Approach to the Travel / Adventure Industry

Revived Outdoors Founder “Tristan Hamm” Continues to Ignite A New Approach to the Travel / Adventure Industry

Making waves in the Adventure / Travel market in 2020, Revived Outdoors has really begun to shock their customers with something a little more unique. Adventure with a purpose.

Imagine if the title “tourist” was flipped into “adventurer”. That’s precisely what Revived Outdoors intends for every one of their guests. From Organizing some of the most spectacular all-inclusive retreats and adventure trips on the marked in spectacular destinations such as Hawaii and Yosemite, CA, Revived Outdoors brings an exceptionally unique approach to the Adventure / Travel market that can be sure to propel you into a new lifestyle. Their trips have positively impacted countless lives and the company as a whole has really started to stir the market.

Revived Outdoors has been praised on National television for their unique approach, and have been praised for the countless lives they have changed/impacted through sharing their company perspectives and culture on each endeavour. Catching the eyes of TV shows such as you too America’s “America Trends” and “Spectrum News 1”, Tristan Hamm (founder and CEO) has countlessly pitched that one of the significant purposes of each trip is to break people out of their day to day lives, to offer an escape that will really put any life into perspective. But these trips aren’t just for the new-comers, their trips are so unique that even the most skilled adventurers and nature seekers find purpose.

We got the chance to sit down with the CEO of Revived Outdoors, also widely known as Mr Adventure to get a little more insight on what sparked the innovative approach to this industry.


tristan hamm

On national TV they call you Mr.Adventure! Where did they come up with that name?

It actually was based off my bodybuilding days back in Canada! When you win an overall title in the region, you get called MR. (state or province). After I retired my 5-year career in bodybuilding from winning the provincial overall in “men’s physique” at the Iffbb Halloween showdown in Saskatchewan, my friends started calling me “Mr.Adventure” instead of Mr.Saskatchewan. It had a ring to it, only later to find out it was the name of an airline commercial cartoon mascot. Finding this out was priceless so I ended up sticking with it and allowing people to continue the mayhem. I like to think I fit the name well with the number of adventure sports I’ve done my whole life haha.

It’s evident that you are a tremendous advocate to benefiting mental health through adventure. Why do you choose Adventure to combat it?

In my eyes, there is no better way to combat mental stress’, traumas, and issues than adventure. Depression is in my bloodline, and I battled it often. But Adventure was always my cure. Nothing beats getting outside and into nature with a group of supportive friends that you consider family. It’s the challenges of the task at hand that keep you distracted from what your battling and the stunning beauty of this planet that will genuinely put your life into perspective, to make you realise that those battles really don’t need to be made as big. When you pair those together with the right community, you just can’t help but be happy. I think this world will be a much brighter place when Adventure becomes the norm!

What encouraged you to choose this market?

Growing up, you dream of doing what you love for your career. So that was my goal! When I finally made the jump from Canada to the USA, I knew I had to start my career as an entrepreneur. But more importantly, I knew I had to protect what made me feel happy. It was the pursuit of doing what I love as an entrepreneur that encouraged me to pick the adventure market. Today I do what I love, bringing light into people’s lives through adventure. It truly is a dream come true!

Did anyone inspire your outdoor lifestyle along the way?

I was primarily influenced by both my uncle’s outdoor lifestyles. They were the ones that got me knee-deep fishing in the lake at 5 years old, teaching me to fillet a fish and planted those seeds of advice that life is too short not to have a little fun. They ignited that adventure spirit and started the snowball for one wildlife.

When did you realize that you wanted to start your company Revived Outdoors?

The idea to start an adventure company was always and to date is still the topic around the camp fire. I always thought it would be a dream to travel and adventure, doing what I loved, which of course I was already extremely good at doing paying for it, so imaging getting paid for it. But it was always just a dream or a discussion until the day I finally opened my eyes to realise there indeed was a market for it and we were good at what we did, which made it all become a reality!

I see you guys have really tackled Instagram. Do you think social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook can scale a business?

With the power of Instagram and Facebook, you have an exceptional amount of advantage to blow up any business truly. But in my opinion, Instagram and Facebook are just compelling tools to get the word out. Yes, many have scaled from it, but is scaling smart if you cant be sustainable? You need a team, a core, a message, a culture as well. There are a hundred things that need to be in check and perfected daily in addition to social media in order to scale and be sustainable indeed.

What makes you happy about what you do?

It’s simple. I love to see the smile on peoples faces and watch them light up from sharing their stories after an amazing life-changing experience. It’s one of the best feelings in the world to know that you added to someone’s life at the end of the day.

What can we expect from Revived Outdoors in the near future?

Our next step is to expand our efforts across California and Hawaii further. We are also launching our new website this spring and have plans to ramp up our community efforts in Hawaii! But to keep up to date, you can follow us on @revived.outdoors and @tristan.hamm

The company Revived Outdoors launched back in 2016 and is setting sail to expand globally by 2022. To find out more on how to join one of their excursions, head over to their website and Subscribe to their newsletter to stay up to date!

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