Twitter Pauses Brand New Verification Program Again

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A week after Twitter opened its verification form so that anyone who deemed it necessary could request a ‘tick’, the social network has hit the pause button again.


Twitter launched the verification program last week. That meant that anyone who wanted such a tick could apply. Until recently, the company itself determined who was eligible for the status of ‘verified’.

But that form turned out to be a surprise. “We are drowning in the requests for verification,” the company said in a tweet, “So we are going to pause allowing requests while we process the submitted requests.

The idea behind the verification check is that the person who talks about bitcoin on your timeline is really Elon Musk and not someone who is pretending (unless Twitter turns out to be hacked, of course).

Under current rules, your account can be verified if it falls under any of these categories: government, businesses, brands and organizations, news organizations and journalists, entertainment, sports and games, and activists and other people with influence.

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