Hackers Behind Major US Cyberattack Again

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Microsoft said the group behind the large-scale cyberattack on US governments and businesses late last year has once again opened an attack on US governments, think tanks, consultancies, and nongovernmental organizations.


Last year, hackers managed to break into the networks of several ministries through the attack on security software company SolarWinds.

“This week, we observe cyber attacks by Nobelium, which attacks government agencies, think tanks, consultants and NGOs,” Microsoft said. Nobelium, a hacker collective from Russia, was also behind the SolarWinds hack, according to Microsoft.

“This wave of attack targeted about 3,000 email accounts from more than 150 different organizations,” Microsoft reported.

Although the lion’s share of the attacks was on American targets, the victims came from as many as 24 countries. At least a quarter of the attacked parties are active in international development, humanitarian affairs and human rights work.

The American and British intelligence services suspect the Russian foreign intelligence and security service SVR of having ultimate responsibility for the SolarWindshack.

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