Ohio Woman A Million Richer Thanks to Her Corona Vaccine

Ohio Woman A Million Richer Thanks to Her Corona Vaccine

The US state of Ohio has its first vaccine millionaire. A woman from the Cincinnati area was the first to win the ‘Vax-a-Million’ lottery on Wednesday, which Ohio residents can only enter if they have been vaccinated.


Another winner was a teenager from the Dayton area, who is reimbursed for his full study from the state.

The lottery is an attempt by the government to increase vaccination coverage, The Washington Post reports. And according to Republican Governor Mike DeWine, the campaign is a resounding success. With about 45 percent of the population having a first shot, Ohio is below the national average. But that percentage would have been lower anyway had the lottery not been created.

Until Monday, about 3 million residents had registered for the lottery. Four more people will be made happy with a million dollars in the coming weeks, and another four young people will receive a full scholarship.

After the announcement of his lottery plan, DeWine has received a lot of criticism in addition to praise. Some politicians, Democrat and Republican alike, consider it a waste of public money, which could have been much better used in some other way to combat the corona crisis. The White House praises the action.

In other parts of the country, too, the governments are trying to encourage people to have an injection. For example, vaccines in Memphis can win a car, and lotteries have also been organized in other states.

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