Twitter Removes 2,800 Fake Iranian Accounts

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Twitter Removes 2,800 fake Iranian Accounts. Twitter removed more than 2,800 fake Iranian accounts at the beginning of this month, according to the report.


The accounts used fake identities to influence political conversations in Iran and abroad.

A number of the trolls presented themselves as members of the American media.

According to a report from cybersecurity company FireEye,

 the accounts spread messages with “anti-Saudi, anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian” charges.

The Iranian organisation behind the fake accounts was also active on Facebook.

Twitter is going to publish archives
The Iranians may have succeeded in getting opinion pieces published in American media,

 although FireEye could not say that with certainty.

These pieces contained a mix of conservative and progressive ideas and included, among other things,

 the determination of US President Donald Trump to declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organisation.

Also, reported that Twitter is still conducting further research,

 but the platform is now coming out with the information because it has finished analysing the relevant accounts.

Twitter will eventually publish archives in which messages from the fake Iranian accounts can be consulted.

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