Also Round of Layoffs at Adobe

Also Round of Layoffs at Adobe

Adobe is the youngest company in the long line of American (big) tech companies that are making rounds of layoffs. At Adobe, 100 jobs are disappearing.

Software company Adobe is cutting a hundred jobs, mainly sales profiles. With this, Adobe follows the trend among big tech companies to tighten their belts.

Although Adobe emphasizes in a statement that it is “not a companywide round of layoffs” and that “new vacancies are still being published for certain roles”, the company tries to minimize the news by stating that it is “only a limited number”.

Anonymous sources at Bloomberg report that some employees were allowed to fill another job within the company. However, if they didn’t seize that opportunity, they were still threatened with dismissal.

In any case, this is a relatively small reduction in the workforce compared to the thousands of layoffs at Meta, Cisco, HP and Amazon.

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