American Corona Doctor Fauci is Angry About Trump’s Misleading Election Spot

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In a pro-Trump commercial, Dr Anthony Fauci, the de facto US corona commissioner, says “no one could have done more.”


The quote is correct, but Fauci is not talking about President Trump in the interview, but about himself. But that is not mentioned in the ad. President Trump sees no problem.

“In my nearly five decades of public service, I have never publicly supported a candidate,” Dr Fauci said in a statement to television channel CNN yesterday.

The promotional video praises President Trump’s personal experience with the coronavirus and the efforts of the US government to combat the epidemic.

At one point, Dr Fauci, as a member of the White House Task Force, also spoke: “I can’t imagine … anyone could do more,” he says.

Fauci seems to be praising the president, but the full quote from the Fox News interview in March suggests otherwise.

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