Apple Starts Production iPhone 14 in India

Apple Starts Production iPhone 14 in India

Apple has started production in India of the iPhone 14, the company’s latest smartphone model. Previously, this production mainly took place in China.

Recently, Apple has been working with suppliers to increase production at its South Indian factory in Chennai.

The main iPhone manufacturer, Taiwanese Foxconn Technology Group, has been investigating how to ship iPhone parts from China. The assembly of the Apple phones then takes place in India.

Due to US sanctions against China, intended to reduce the country’s economic power, Apple started looking for alternatives. In addition, the corona lockdowns disrupting the Chinese economy have forced Apple to relocate production capacity.

Relations between China and America have been tense for some time. Last year, the US Senate approved massive investments to reduce China’s economic power, especially in technology. President Joe Biden also expanded the list of Chinese companies in which investments are no longer allowed.

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