Biden Again Tests Negative for Coronavirus

Biden Again Tests Negative for Coronavirus

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has again tested negative for the coronavirus. The test was conducted on Sunday, Biden’s campaign team announced.


On Friday, the former vice president also tested negative.

Biden faced President Donald Trump in a televised election debate last Tuesday. Trump announced on Friday that he was infected with the coronavirus, but it is not known when he contracted that virus. Several prominent Republicans or employees in his area have also become infected.

Subsequently, Biden’s team announced that it would reveal all results of the corona tests that Trump’s 77-year-old challenger is undergoing.

Biden has repeatedly accused Trump in the campaign that the president is partly responsible for the many infections and deaths in the country because of his failing policy.

Trump initially dismissed the virus as the flu that will go away on its own. The US is the country with the most diagnosed cases of the virus.

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