England Further Locked With Mandatory Traveller Hotel Quarantine

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Travellers travelling to England from high-risk areas must expect a much stricter policy from Monday. They have to be quarantined in a hotel for ten days and pay for it themselves.


That costs above 2000 pounds per person.

Travellers must also undergo two corona tests upon arrival: on days two and eight of their quarantine. This can be extended if the test returns positive. People are not allowed to leave their hotel rooms in the meantime. Meals are delivered. Different rules may apply to travellers travelling to other parts of the UK.

The list of risk areas includes dozens of countries, including South Africa, Portugal and Suriname. Only British or Irish citizens or those with a residence permit can travel to England from those countries.

With the tightened border policy, the British government wants to keep new coronavirus variants at bay. Travellers who try to avoid the measures risk severe penalties.

Ten years in prison can be imposed if people do not report that they have been in a risk area. People also risk a fine of more than 11,000 pounds if they violate quarantine rules.

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