EU President: Turkey is Not Yet Taking the Positive Path

EU President: Turkey is Not Yet Taking the Positive Path

Turkey, with its “unilateral actions” in the Mediterranean, is showing little enthusiasm to find a solution to the conflict over gas and oil drilling in the waters around EU countries Cyprus and Greece.


This is what EU president Charles Michel said after a video summit with EU leaders. The consultations were about the corona pandemic, but Turkey was briefly discussed, he said.

“We condemn the recent actions in the Eastern Mediterranean, the provocations and the rhetoric that are completely unacceptable,” said Michel. In December, Turkey will feature prominently on the agenda of the 27 heads of government and state.

They then want to hit the nail on the head about what to do with the country, which has now also pissed off France.

Turkish President Erdogan has lashed out at President Macron for his overreaction, according to Erdogan, to the jihadist murder of a French secondary school teacher in a Parisian suburb. He has also called on the Turks to stop buying French products.

The relationship between the EU and Turkey, which is an official EU candidate and NATO ally and plays a vital role in the reception of refugees and migrants in the region, is compassionate.

However, according to Brussels, “all options will be on the table” in December. Cyprus and Greece want the EU to institute sanctions against Ankara.

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