Facebook Continued To Sell User Data After 2015

Facebook Continued To Sell User Data After 2015

Facebook Continued to sell User data After 2015. Facebook said in 2015 no more user data to supply developers, but some parties continued to keep access to the data, said by The Forbes News.


In some cases, the companies also had access to additional information, for example from friends of users. The Wall Street Journal writes this with legal documents, employees of Facebook and insiders.

Information such as telephone numbers would share. A function called ‘friend link’ could measure how well users were friends with each other, the sources say.

Reportedly, data delivered to “a small number” of companies. Among them were RBC and Nissan.

Facebook would have stopped in 2015 to share personal information with companies. However, users are divided into grouped categories to show targeted advertisements.

In a comment on Twitter, Facebook nuances the article from The Wall Street Journal. Also declared that, Company stopped sharing data in 2015, but that some parties had requested an extension.

Also, Facebook would have shared less data with the new agreements than before.

The extensions with companies would have come to an end a few years ago.

On Monday, The New York Times wrote that Facebook would have given 60 technology companies access to the data of users, without having given their permission. That would be possible through special access for companies.

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