North Korea Threatens to Cut the Deal With South Korea Over Pamphlets

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North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un’s sister, threatened to scrap a military deal with South Korea on Thursday, news agency Yonhap reports.


The north threatens this because defectors from South Korea spread anti-North Korean pamphlets in North Korea.

Kim Yo-jong, one of the most influential people in North Korea, said that trust between the countries and reconciliation could never go hand in hand with allowing those pamphlets.

“The South Korean government has to pay a high price if they don’t do anything about it, but only come up with lame excuses,” Kim said, according to North Korean state medium KCNA.

“If they really value our agreements, they have to lose that waste.” With that, she referred to the North Korean defectors.

Kim also threatens to withdraw from the industrial park on the border where people from both countries work and the joint agency to improve relations between the countries.

She called the military agreement that is now “totally useless.”

North Koreans who fled to South Korea sent about 500,000 pamphlets to the north using balloons. They were about the North Korean threat of a nuclear attack. Kim called the defectors “trash” and “hybrid dogs.”

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