Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Denies Sexual Misconduct

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Denies Sexual Misconduct

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has taken a stand against allegations of sexual misconduct. “They’re not true, they never happened,” said Biden.


It is the first time Biden has publicly responded to the allegations.

The 77-year-old former US vice-president is accused by an ex-employee of pushing her into a wall in the Senate in 1993 and groping it.

The woman, Tara Reade, worked for Senator Biden, among others. She made the allegations more than a month ago, but according to several American media, no evidence has been found to support her story.

Reade is said to have already complained about the incident at the time. Biden said there should be documents in the Senate archives about the alleged incidents if they had occurred.

Biden said he wished Reade’s allegations were adequately investigated. “Women must be treated with dignity and respect and not be silenced.”

Biden wants to take on Presidential elections in November against Republican President Trump hoping to be reelected.

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