Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Only Trade Deal with EU without Extra Rules

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson only wants to conclude a trade deal with the European Union if the United Kingdom is not forced to comply with all European rules.


Johnson said in a speech in London that he wants a deal like Canada has but is willing to settle for the same deal that Australia has with Brussels.

This seemed to imply Johnson’s willingness not to conclude a trade agreement with the European Union because Australia does not have that either.

In his speech, Johnson insisted on protectionism that he sees rising in various countries and also in the EU. “Import duties are threatened as if they were weapons.”

According to the British Prime Minister, free trade is a good thing, and the tensions that have arisen in the world as a result of all kinds of tariffs are disastrous for the global economy.

Johnson also indicated that the United Kingdom itself wants to retain control over access to its waters for fishing. He suggested renegotiating this annually.

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