Train Traffic Paralyzed by Rail Strike in England

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Thousands of British railway workers started strikes on Tuesday morning. 40,000 people are expected to participate in the strike that will completely stop train traffic in the country. Metro workers are also on strike on Tuesday.


The strike mainly affects British railway workers. In Wales, it has been decided not to strike, but fewer trains are running due to the English strike. The timetable in Scotland is also severely disrupted because nothing is running in England.

Many railway employees stand in front of train stations with signs and banners. They are dissatisfied with inflation and that their wages are not growing along with them, causing them to lose a lot of purchasing power. “Our campaign will continue for as long as it takes,” said one of the union leaders.

The unions think that the rail strike could be a starting signal for other sectors to take to the streets as well. The unions call it “the summer of discontent”. Teachers, medical staff, waste processors and even lawyers would like to take action against rising prices and inflation.

The government calls the strike counterproductive. These actions would make commuters less likely to opt for the train, which ultimately yields less money, the government said. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps told Sky News he is working on a law that would allow temporary workers to be deployed during strikes.

It is not busier on the English roads on Tuesday than on a normal Tuesday. It was expected that more people would take the car and that there would be more traffic jams. On Thursday and Saturday, the railway staff are also on strike.

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