Aviation Industry Denounces Regulation Around Corona

Aviation Industry Denounces Regulation Around Corona

The aviation industry denounces the extensive regulation mush to avert the corona crisis. The international aviation industry association IATA states that at the beginning of this year there were at least 100,000 different rules and measures worldwide that affected international travel.


Many of the rules are also contradictory, according to IATA.

IATA, whose members are meeting these days in Doha for the annual meeting and aviation summit WATS, believes that logical rules and clear communication are of great importance to regain the trust of the traveller. The organization calls on governments to learn lessons from past corona measures that may or may not have been taken to effectively tackle such problems in the future.

According to the organization, closing borders is not an “effective means” of containing a pandemic. IATA also refers to research by the World Health Organization WHO. The flattening of aviation at the time has also ensured that problems have arisen now. As the demand for travel picks up again, several airports and airlines are struggling with staff shortages, hampering the recovery from the crisis.

According to IATA, it is also important that governments consider the social and economic impact when introducing health measures. IATA emphasizes that the aviation industry erupted before the corona crisis and that the sector was paralyzed by 40 million jobs worldwide. The sector also contributed $3.5 trillion to global gross domestic product.

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