US Senate Votes on Monday for Chief Justice Barrett

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The US Senate will vote Monday on the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett as the ninth member of the Supreme Court. Upon approval, Barrett succeeds the late Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


The Senate legal committee gave the green light for her appointment on Thursday.

The leader of the Senate Republicans, Mitch McConnell, is now submitting her nomination to the full Senate of 100 senators. The Republicans have the majority there, but not all 53 Republican senators have said they will vote for Barrett.

Chief Justices are appointed for life and decide on sensitive issues. If Republican President Donald Trump finalizes Ginsburg’s succession, the judges seen as conservative in the US highest court will have a six-to-three majority.

Democrats are shameful that the Republicans want to appoint another chief justice for life just before the election.

The appointment is necessary because the Supreme Court has the final legal say on charged topics such as abortion, possession of weapons and immigration. It may also be asked for a judgment if the outcome of the elections is contested.

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