WHO: Approved Corona Vaccines Work Against All Variants

WHO: Approved Corona Vaccines Work Against All Variants

The corona vaccines that have been approved so far work well against all known variants of the coronavirus, including the variant that is currently widely circulated in India.


So says one of the directors of the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations.

“All the variants of the coronavirus that have emerged to date are responding to available, approved vaccines,” said Hans Kluge. The Belgian doctor sits on the board of the WHO on behalf of Europe.

Kluge said the number of new corona cases in Europe has dropped by 60 percent in the past month. “But this progress is fragile. We’ve been in this situation before.

Let’s not make the same mistakes as last year. This allowed the coronavirus to resurface, and the health care system, the community, and the economy took its brunt.

We are now moving in the right direction, but we must keep a close eye on the virus that has claimed 1.2 million lives in Europe. That is equivalent to the entire population of Brussels.

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