Brexit Negotiations Will Continue in the Summer

Brexit Negotiations Will Continue in the Summer

Negotiations on the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the EU will continue in the summer.


A two-week break will only be taken in August, as the preliminary meeting schedule shows that both parties have agreed.

The principal negotiators and their teams intend to physically meet alternately in Brussels and London unless the health situation gets in the way.

The first four rounds of negotiations yielded little results.

EU negotiator Michel Barnier said after the fourth round that the virtual nature of the talks is an obstacle to getting closer together.

However, some consultations at the eleven negotiating tables will still take place by video. The aim remains an agreement in the autumn and ratification before the end of the year.

The next round is scheduled for the week of June 29 in Brussels, after which weekly meetings will be held in July.

After a two-week break, the teams will be back at the table in Brussels from 17 to August 21. The consultation also continues in September.

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