British Ministry: Russian Defense Minister Sidetracked

British Ministry: Russian Defense Minister Sidetracked

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu appears to have been sidetracked within the Kremlin.

The British Ministry of Defense reports that President Putin is now being kept directly informed about the war in Ukraine by the army command.

The British department relies on reports in Russian media. Shoigu seems to have fallen into disgrace as the invasion of Ukraine is sluggish.

Shoigu would not sit well with the soldiers and would be regularly ridiculed for his poor leadership. He has served as defense minister since 2012 but had little military experience before that, which hurt his reputation.

Now that there has been little progress in the war, the defense minister would have been sidelined by Putin. Last week, Shoigu said the slow progress in the war was deliberate, as Russian troops had to proceed with caution.

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