Liz Truss Becomes Uk’s Next Prime Minister-A Bumpy Career With an Affair

Liz Truss Becomes Uk’s Next Prime Minister-A Bumpy Career With an Affair

Liz Truss (47) became the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Members of her Conservative Party have elected her as the new party leader, making her also the new prime minister. She succeeds Boris Johnson, who resigned after the Partygate scandal.

However, her way to the top was not without a struggle. For example, she was discredited for an extramarital affair, she was first against and then for Brexit, and she once gave an extraordinary speech about the import of cheese. A portrait.

Liz Truss will not come to power after parliamentary elections. She has been elected as the new leader of the Conservative Party, succeeding Boris Johnson. Because the Conservatives, with their absolute majority, are currently in power alone, the new party leader automatically becomes the new prime minister.

Johnson announced his resignation as party leader and prime minister in July after dozens of ministers resigned from his government in protest at his policies. In recent years, Johnson has been regularly under fire for banned corona parties in his official residence. But the dubious appointment of a man who had been fired for sexual misconduct several years ago and Johnson’s communication about it proved to be the last straw.

In the internal elections for a new party leader, Liz Truss eventually defeated 9 other candidates – and in the last round, ex-Finance Minister Rishi Sunak. So tomorrow, she will be officially appointed as the new Prime Minister by Queen Elizabeth, and she will address the population.

Liz Truss, Mary Elizabeth Truss in full, was born in Oxford on July 26, 1975. Her mother was a nurse and teacher, and her father was a mathematics professor at the University of Leeds. Both parents were supporters of Labour, the centre-left party in the United Kingdom.

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