China Wants President Biden to Abolish Trade Tariffs and Sanctions

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China wants US President Joe Biden to end the trade tariffs and sanctions against Chinese companies instituted by his predecessor Donald Trump.


This is what Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, speaking of “building goodwill” between the two economic superpowers.

The minister spoke of “irrational suppression” of China’s technological advancements by US sanctions against technology companies such as Huawei Technologies.

The United States has imposed sanctions on Huawei for alleged close ties of the telecom company with the Chinese military and for the risk of espionage.

Beijing wants the two countries to talk about their relationship again. According to Wang, China and the US can still “get things done together for the world”. So far, the Biden administration has indicated that it wants to continue with the hardline against China that Trump has started in the area of trade.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said last week that tariffs against China will remain in place for the time being and that any changes will depend on Beijing’s compliance with trade agreements.

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