Coronavirus Infections in the US Exceed 3 Million

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More than 3 million coronavirus infections have been diagnosed to date in the United States. That reports Reuters news agency based on its own count.


The country has by far the most virus cases in the world. Brazil ranks second with about half the number of infections.

In the US, the state of New York, which has about 19 million inhabitants, has been severely affected by the coronavirus. There, more than 32,000 people died from the effects of the virus.

However, the number of contamination cases has fallen significantly in recent weeks following strict restrictions and hygiene regulations, while the number is increasing in many other states.

Florida, in particular, is advancing. There, the counter of the number of corona infections passed 200,000 on Sunday. Texas followed shortly after that.

The number of corona infections diagnosed worldwide is approaching 12 million. That was 3 million at the end of April. The death toll from the pandemic stands at more than half a million after about seven months.

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