Ellen DeGeneres about Baby Archie: “He looks like Harry”

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Ellen DeGeneres about Baby Archie: “He looks like Harry.” Ellen DeGeneres (61) has had a busy summer.


The presenter went on vacation to Amsterdam and also visited Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

She talks about it in her talk show.

Ellen DeGeneres went to Amsterdam with her wife, Portia.

They thought it was fantastic: “It’s beautiful there.

There are canals everywhere, and we walked the Red Light District.”

Ellen wouldn’t be Ellen if she didn’t make jokes about the free image of the city.

“I’m from New Orleans, so I thought I’d seen most of the crazy things, but it wasn’t.

Now I have seen that. Forgive me, Jesus.”

Ellen also made a short stop in England, on the way back to the United States.

Here she visited Harry, Meghan and baby Archie.

“It was an honour for them to meet me,” she jokes.

“It’s such a nice and nice couple. They’re sober.

I see they get a lot of criticism and I hate that.

They do so much good for the world.”

Ellen and her wife mainly talked with the royals about all how they help nature.

Both couples are committed to a better world.

Ellen also got to see little Archie.

She was even allowed to give him a bottle.

The whole world is naturally curious about what the baby looks like,

 and that is why the presenter sketches a picture.

“He looks like Harry, and he has more hair than I had at that age.”

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