“Liam Had To Read On Social Media That Miley Wants A Divorce”

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“Liam had to Read on Social media that Miley wants a Divorce.” When American media published a statement last summer stating that Miley Cyrus (26) and Liam Hemsworth (29) broke up, that came as a surprise to many.


Even Liam himself did not see it coming and,

 according to sources, only read the content of Miley’s statement on social media.

In the podcast We Hear, Ian Mohr and Maggie Coughlan discuss the remarkable news on Monday.

“Sources close to Liam say he didn’t know the statement would go out,

 so he only found out on social media,” Mohr explains.

In August it was announced that Liam and Miley,

 after barely a year of marriage, would separate again.

Liam has officially requested the divorce.

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