Extra Compensation for British Fishermen Due to Brexit

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The British government is allocating an extra £ 23 million to compensate British fishermen for declining earnings in fish exports due to Brexit.


The money, which should cover losses incurred since January 1, is intended for small and medium-sized businesses that can demonstrate a “substantial loss” in exports to the European Union. Companies can receive a maximum amount of 100,000 pounds per company.

The export of fish has run into all kinds of snags since the British left the customs union.

For example, forms have to be completed for customs, and all kinds of health checks have to be carried out. On Monday, fishermen protested at Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office because of the problems.

The UK government says there are teething problems, exacerbated by the corona pandemic, which has also hit the restaurant sector. Environment Minister George Eustice pledged support to the fishing industry on Tuesday.

“We will continue to work closely with the fishing industry to ensure that it is supported and can continue to fish and contribute to the economies of our coastal towns,” said Eustice.

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