France and United Kingdom Continue to Argue Over Fishing Rights

France and United Kingdom Continue to Argue Over Fishing Rights

The row between France and the UK over fishing rights in the Channel continues. French Agriculture Minister Julien Denormandie told France 2 TV on Friday that it makes sense for France to consider sanctions as no progress is being made in talks with the UK over fishing rights.


British Environment Secretary George Eustice said more or less the same as Denormandie in conversation with SkyNews. “We will respond appropriately in the conflict with France,” Eustice says British authorities can board French ships more often to check that everything is in order.

On Thursday, France seized a British fishing boat that allegedly did not have the proper license to fish in French waters. The British say the ship’s license was in order. Tensions have risen sharply due to the seizure. Since Brexit, there has been disagreement between the countries about fishing rights.

The captain of the boat that was seized is due to appear in court in France next August. The prosecutor in Le Havre says the boat caught two tons of scallops without a permit. A fine of 75,000 euros can be imposed.

Eustice believes that the British have so far been very generous towards the French in issuing licenses to fishermen after Brexit. According to Eustice, 98 percent of license applications were approved. However, France said earlier that many ships had not received a permit, while they were entitled to one. In addition, due to Brexit, the rights to fish in each other’s waters have changed and new, stricter agreements have been made.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron may discuss the conflict at the G20 summit this weekend in Rome.

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