Putin Seeks Rapprochement With North Korea

Putin Seeks Rapprochement With North Korea

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to strengthen ties with neighboring North Korea. According to North Korean state media, he wrote this in a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on the occasion of the North Korean holiday Liberation Day.

Putin said it is in the interests of both countries to seek further rapprochement.

According to some analysts’ speculation, the Russians may call on North Korea to provide weapons for the war in Ukraine. The dictatorship of leader Kim has a huge arsenal, with a lot of artillery. Officials have also suggested that North Korean workers could work in occupied territory in eastern Ukraine.

Russia is on a collision course with the West due to the war in Ukraine and has been subject to sanctions. North Korea also faces severe international sanctions. The isolated country has been causing international unrest for years by testing missiles and working on nuclear weapons.

North Korea is also one of the few countries to recognize the independence of pro-Russian rebel states in eastern Ukraine, much to the anger of the Ukrainian government. As a result, he has severed diplomatic ties with Pyongyang. However, Putin wrote in his letter that North Korea and Russia are now committed to further developing their “constructive” relationship.

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