Roxeanne Hazes Is Going To Change The Name Of The New Single

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Roxeanne Hazes is going to Change the Name of the New Single. Roxeanne Hazes is going to re-record her new single Mama was an asshole.


That she said Monday in the broadcast of Gijs Staverman on NPO Radio 2.

Certain radio stations want a clean version because the word bastard appears in it.

“They find that a bit difficult,” said the singer.

“In itself, I think it’s great that you need a censored version.

It sounds very pop-like, very American.

I think it’s cool that my song has to be spy once,” said Roxeanne.

Which stations are involved, the singer does not want to say.

“No, I think that is silly. I would still like to be played there,” said the singer,

 who indicated that it is about channels “that play Dutch music”.

“You just want to be played as an artist on the radio and get recognition at work,”

 the Hazes member explained her decision.

“We have decided to at least sing a different version for those types of stations.

Then it will be Mama is a bastard or a drama, I don’t know exactly yet.”

Foxes who hope that they will soon be able to get hold of the new version must disappoint Roxeanne.

“It’s not on Spotify and things like that. It’s just for those stations.”

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