Swiss Airspace Closed Due to Technical Problems

Swiss Airspace Closed Due to Technical Problems

Swiss airspace is closed on Wednesday due to technical problems at the company Skyguide. It provides navigation services to Swiss air traffic control. It is not yet clear how long the airspace will remain closed.


The problems are preventing flights from landing or taking off from Zurich and Geneva airports. Several passengers also reported on Twitter that their flights to Switzerland are grounded.

Swiss airline SWISS has not yet responded. The airports in Zurich and Geneva do report the closure. The one in Geneva states that the closure of the airspace will last at least until 11:00 in the morning.

Schiphol’s website does not yet report any problems with flights to Geneva and Zurich. Flights that came to Amsterdam from those airports are marked as cancelled or delayed. In total, fourteen flights will depart or arrive at Schiphol on Wednesday to or from Geneva and eighteen to or from Zurich.

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