Trump Campaign Sues for Pennsylvania Elections

Trump Campaign Sues for Pennsylvania Elections

The campaign team of US President Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit over the elections in the state of Pennsylvania.


Trump’s team wants to go through court to prevent election officials from the state of Pennsylvania from officially declaring Democrat Joe Biden the winner of that state’s election.

The papers submitted a state that the system for checking and counting postal votes in Pennsylvania “lacks all the guarantees of transparency and accountability that exist for voters going to the polling station.”

Since Biden was declared the winner by the American media on Saturday and claimed the election victory, President Trump has announced several times that he will challenge the results of the election through the legal channels.

On Monday, some Republican lead prosecutors from individual states filed a request to the Supreme Court to end the extra time Pennsylvania has given for counting late-delivery letter votes.

Provided they were sent on election day, and they were included in Pennsylvania when delivered up to three days after the election.

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