Trump Declares Himself the Winner of the TV Debate With Biden

Trump Declares Himself the Winner of the TV Debate With Biden

After the TV duel with his challenger Joe Biden, US President Donald Trump declared himself the winner of the first debate before the presidential election.


“We effortlessly won the debate last night,” the Republican said in the garden of the White House on Wednesday. Looking at Biden – who is running for Democrats on November 3 – Trump said, “I think he was fragile.

He looked weak; he was moaning.” Trump said he also wants to hold the next two TV debates against Biden. If his challenger doesn’t want to compete, that’s his decision, he added.

Trump said he had seen “about six” polls that saw him as the winner of the debate. It was unclear which studies he was referring to.

In some Twitter polls – which are considered unreliable without scientific basis – Trump has led the way. In contrast, in lightning polls by broadcasters CBS and CNN, a majority found that Biden was more successful in the debate than Trump.

The debate was dominated by chaos and personal attacks. Trump, in particular, kept interrupting Biden and refused to let him finish. Biden described Trump’s actions on Wednesday as “an embarrassment to the country.”

The Tuesday night TV debate in Cleveland, Ohio, was the first between Trump (74) and Biden (77). Two more debates are scheduled for October 15 in Miami, Florida and October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Vice-President candidates Mike Pence (Republican) and Kamala Harris (Democrat) will meet on October 7 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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