Twitter Buys Smyte and Immediately Closed the Service

Twitter Buys Smyte and Immediately Closed the Service

Twitter Buys Smyte and Immediately Closed the Service.Twitter has taken over anti-theft company Smyte. The company specialises in trust and safety as a service. Immediately after the acquisition, Smyte’s APIs were closed, reports INC News.


Messaging service Twitter has taken over Smyte. The latter protects against online abuse, intimidation and spam, and is used, among other things, to protect accounts of large companies.

That is a service that does fit into the stall of Twitter, an online platform that has been plagued by far-reaching plague campaigns and hates mongering for years. Twitter itself has only been willing to admit it for several months.

It, therefore, seems that Smyte also wants to find a software solution for this. Engineers founded the company with backgrounds in security and the fight against spam and fraud. Smyte provides services such as phishing, spam, false accounts, cyberbullying and ‘trolling’.

According to The Dawn News, they offer these services via a REST API to clients such as GoFundMe,, TaskRabbit and Zendesk.

However, the API was closed a few hours after the acquisition, which meant Smyte’s customers had to look for a new spam solution one day after another. Even in the surrogate Silicon Valley, this is a somewhat strange way of dealing with a newly acquired company.

It is the first acquisition that Twitter does for a long time. The previous one dates from December 2016, when it bought up the mobile start-up Yes. It is not known how much Twitter paid for Smyte.

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