Two-Time Killer Also Confesses to Being Behind Biggest Necrophilia Scandal in British History

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A British electrician on trial for murder admitted at his trial that he is also responsible for what police are calling “the worst necrophilia scandal in British history”.


David Fuller (67) is currently on trial for the 1987 murders of Wendy Knell (25) and Caroline Pierce (20) in Tunbridge Wells, in the south of England. The man pleaded guilty Thursday, admitting that he had sex with the bodies of his victims after he killed them.

But Fuller also confessed that for years he had sex with the bodies of deceased women in the morgue of the Tunbridge Wells hospital, where he worked between 2008 and his arrest in November 2020. Kent Police also released the interrogation in which Fuller confesses.

Police said the scale of Fuller’s necrophilia was “unseen in British history”. When he was arrested, police found 4 million images of sexual abuse, most of them downloaded from the internet, but also of himself abusing corpses. He also searched social media for images of the people he had abused in the morgue.

“A search of his home revealed hidden hard drives that indicate sexual abuse on a scale that no UK court has ever had to judge. They contain a library of unimaginable sexual depravity.” The police have already identified at least 99 victims.

Fuller was arrested late last year after DNA evidence accelerated the investigation into the two 1980s murders.

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