Two Tons Raised for Big Ben Chimes at the Brexit, But Money Cannot be Used

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Brexit supporters want Big Ben to be heard when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. Within a day, they raised over 220,000 pounds for this.


However, generous donors are likely to face disappointment because the initiative would violate rules for financial donations.

The ringing of the big clock of the parliament building at the moment that Brexit is a fact has the necessary feet in the ground because the clock tower is currently being restored. It could cost up to half a million pounds to get Big Ben to do business on January 31.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently joined the debate by suggesting that the money could be raised through crowdfunding. But the responsible parliamentary committee later ruled that such an initiative would violate the rules for financial donations.

That apparently does not stop Britten from continuing to transfer money to a GoFundMe campaign. For example, the Brexit-loving businessman Arron Banks and his Leave Means Leave campaign promised 50,000 pounds today.

Brexit Nigel Farage previously complained that his country will hit a muddy figure when Big Ben is silent during the Brexit: “I can already see how we will be mocked worldwide:” Britain is leaving the EU and they can’t even ring a bell “.”

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