UK: No info About Ukrainian Warship in Port Odesa

UK: No info About Ukrainian Warship in Port Odesa

The British Ministry of Defense said there was “no indication” that Ukraine had a warship and a stockpile of anti-ship missiles in the port of Odesa last weekend when Russia said it destroyed those targets with precision weapons.


The daily intelligence update also states that Russia sees anti-ship missiles as a major threat because they limit the effectiveness of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea and thus undermine the invasion plan. As a result, Russia could “not realistically” try to conquer Odessa from the water.

The British say that destroying and weakening Ukraine’s ability to attack ships remains a priority for Russia. They also write that the Russians are dealing with, among other things, outdated intelligence and poor planning.

The missile attack came after Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the United Nations reached a long-awaited agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain. As a result, it was feared that the deal might not go through. According to Russia, the attack was aimed at military targets and “will not affect the departing ships.”

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