US House Approves $40 Billion Military Aid Package to Ukraine

US House Approves $40 Billion Military Aid Package to Ukraine

The US House of Representatives approved a $40 billion military aid package to support Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion. The measure received overwhelming support, with 368 votes in favour and only 57 against.


Therefore, it is expected that the Senate, which will vote on Thursday, will also adopt the proposal by a large majority.

The House-approved Ukraine aid plan goes significantly beyond the $33 billion requested by President Joe Biden. The total of the allocated 40 billion dollars amounts to more than 5 percent of the total defence budget of the US (782 billion dollars).

Moreover, the new package does not include the $4.5 billion in “security assistance” the US has given Ukraine since the Biden administration took office. About 3.8 billion of that has been given since the Russian invasion on February 24.

The bill includes $11 billion in weapons and equipment transferred directly to Ukraine from US military stockpiles. The package also includes nearly $20 billion for the Department of Defense. The Pentagon will largely use this amount to arm the Ukrainian military.

Another 3.9 billion will be made available for increased troop deployment and other military operations in Europe to strengthen NATO. The law also includes funding for various humanitarian programs.

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