US Justice Starts Large Investigation Tech Sector

US Justice Starts Large Investigation Tech Sector

US Justice starts large investigation Tech Sector. The US Department of Justice starts a cartel investigation into significant technology companies in the United States.


According to the reports based on sources and was confirmed by the ministry shortly after that.

It would be big names such as Amazon, Google mother Alphabet, Apple and Facebook.

The investigation of the judiciary revolves around possible distortion of competition by companies on internet platforms, social media and web shopping services.

On the stock exchanges in New York, the prices of the tech companies went down in trading after the news.

Ministry statement
The study should demonstrate “whether and how leading online platforms have achieved market positions and are engaged in practices that have limited competition,

¬†impeded innovation, or otherwise harmed customers,” the ministry said.

The companies that are assessed are not mentioned by name.

But the research focuses on issues such as “search, social media and some online retail services”.

That seems to mean Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook and possibly Apple.

The report of the investigation comes a day before the US regulator FTC reportedly announces that Facebook will be penalised 5 billion dollars for various privacy scandals.

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