Zelensky Wants No-Fly Zone Over Ukraine

Zelensky Wants No-Fly Zone Over Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky has called on the international community to establish a so-called no-fly zone over Ukraine. This should make it impossible for Russia to attack Ukrainian targets from the air any longer.


Zelenski made his appeal in his daily video message. He said Russia has carried out 56 rocket attacks and fired 113 cruise missiles since the attack on his country began on Feb. 24.

Zelensky also wants Russian ships and planes to be banned worldwide. “We must close this country’s access to all ports, all canals and all airports in the world,” the Ukrainian president said.

The White House has announced that there will be no no-fly zone for the United States. “You have to enforce a no-fly zone,” said spokesman Jen Psaki. But, according to her, that would bring a war between Russia and the West a step closer.

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