Ben Affleck Has Been Alcohol-Free For Another Year

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Ben Affleck has been Alcohol-free for Another Year. Excellent news for Ben Affleck and his loved ones.


The actor has now been alcohol-free for 365 days and according to his friends ‘he is doing very well’.

Affleck was taken to a rehab clinic a year ago by his ex-wife Jennifer Garner to work on his alcohol addiction.

He managed to continue this positively after he left the clinic after 40 days.

“Ben is in a good phase of his life, both private and business.

He is determined to be the best father and friend there is, and he does everything for that,” said a source.

In addition to continuing to work hard on his recovery,

 he is also very involved with his family and friends.

Jennifer and the children, in particular, can now always count on him,

 which used to be different.

“Ben and Jen are doing great as parents, even though they are no longer together.

They have just spent a great summer as a family and have a very special bond together.

Jennifer has always supported Ben and fully trusts her.

He has finally found the balance between his domestic life and his work. “

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