England Further Relaxes, Almost All Corona Rules Disappear

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Almost all remaining corona measures in England will disappear. People no longer have to keep their distance, and working from home is no longer mandatory. Going out and major events are also possible again now that a large part of the population has been vaccinated.


Nightclubs are opening for the first time in months, and a seat in the hospitality industry is no longer mandatory. The UK government also allows major events. However, there is no maximum number of visitors for weddings, concerts, cinemas, and sports competitions from now on.

The English almost no longer have to comply with corona measures in daily life, but the government does expect them to protect themselves and others by making well-considered choices.

Face masks are not required by law, but they are advised in public transport and in other busy places. Some carriers and shops hold on to a mouth cap obligation. There are also rules for people who have Covid-19, may be infected or come from risk areas.

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