Learn How Avocado Mask is Good for Your Hair

Learn How Avocado Mask is Good for Your Hair

Did you know that avocado is perfect for your hair? Read more about how you can boost your hair with an avocado! An avocado contains natural fats and oils and can feed your hair, without the hair becoming fat. Below I explain how I use avocado to give my hair a nice boost.


Lets Make the mask
Cut the avocado in half. But this can be genuinely a task, because how do you cut an avocado? I do this myself as follows: I cut the avocado in the length until I feel the pit.

So I do not cut through the cavity! Then I turn the two halves in the opposite direction so that the halves come apart. Now there are two halves: one half with pit, one half without a hole. I remove the kernel by hitting the cavity with a large knife. Then I ‘wobble’ the core out.

Put one half apart for the hair mask. The other half you can eat on, but also use for my avocado-curd face mask. Read my other article for this.

Prak the avocado until it has become ‘creamy’ stuff. Only the egg yolk is used for the egg. Separate the egg yolk from the protein. This can be done by smoothly breaking the egg in half and ‘transferring’ the egg yolk from one eggshell to the other. Do this above the sink or a tray so that you can quickly clean up the protein.

Put the egg yolk on the avocado and mix it nicely until it becomes an even whole. I recommend using the mask in the shower in connection with the thick substance of the mask.

Apply the mask to washed hair and leave for about 10 minutes. I often combine this mask with a good scrub, so I spent well in the shower for 10 minutes. Wash the mask well. It is an option to use conditioner afterwards. I choose this because my hair feels a bit stiff after the mask. The conditioner makes my hair just softer.

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