Hats Etiquettes and Styles for Bride’s Mother

Hats Etiquettes and Styles for Bride’s Mother

Ever seen those vintage pictures, a lady photographed elegantly with a bunch of flowers as a headpiece (like that of a garden on the head), gone are those days!

The fashion has changed its trend from big and lush hats to small, elegant and sophisticated ones. The manhole-sized hats or the much bigger ones like a spaceship are ruled out and taken over by headpieces, fascinators and hatbands, beautifully decorated with feathers, pearls, ribbon and other embellishments.

After a crucial phase of selecting a dress for your daughter’s wedding, yet there are trickier tasks to complete. Along with other accessories and shoes, hats are a necessary part of an overall look of a mother of the bride. Here, helping you out with different styles and some of the etiquettes that you should look forward to, as you select a perfect hat for the day;

Coordinate with your dress:
As you will browse through online stores and blogs, options are endless, and it will become a huskier task for you to select an appropriate hat. One way to cut that long string shorter is by sticking to your dress colour. Caution! Don’t go for matching colour tone too much.

If you dress has a fresh, fawn colour, there is an option of choosing a bright coloured hat of the same tone. If not, then don’t worry at all. The slate coloured dresses go top-notch with vibrant pink, blue, green, purple and many other bright and vibrant colours.

Finalize your style:
Mentioned earlier, that one will get knocked over by all varieties available, and it can be resolved by finalising your style. The hat etiquettes include your body size; a bigger hat can make a short heighted lady look even smaller-so select wisely! Also, as the mother of a bride, you can wear a bigger hat (as per tradition, groom’s mother cannot wear a bigger hat).

Don’t forget to add your personal touch. Select as per your attitude, taste and style, if you like feathers, pearls, ribbons or just a printed one.

On the big day- wear it confidently:
At the end of selecting the best wears, finally on the big day, wearing a hat with your attitude and confidence makes a whole difference. Throughout the ceremony, you will be at the peak of happiness, emotional, celebrating, might be a bit dancing and attending guests as well.

During all these, carrying your style, elegance and sophistication make your wear a hit. It is not just about your hat; it is about your dress, your accessories, your shoes, in short, it is all about an overlook of a proud mother of the happiest daughter on her big day.

While selecting a hat, don’t hesitate to try as many hats as possible, take your time, trust your gut feeling. The one that you chose is going to be an outstanding choice and will be complimenting your elegant and joyous overall look as bride’s mother.

Just remember! As a mother of a bride, make sure not to be too distracting as it’s your daughter’s big day. Let her steal the thunder!

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